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Defender of Earth

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Operation: Mcfin  - 3D Unreal Engine

Operation: Mcfin - 2d  Unity  Engine

Unreal Engine

This is Monkey Wrench Studio 's very own original game concept utilizing  their two cartoony characters that in a way is a homage to the old school Scooby Doo Characters  (shagy and scoob).

In this  proof of concept made in the Unreal Engine. Dude  searches for his friend McFin (A Cryptozoic surfer) inside of  the Evil Corp. HQ. Dude finds other not so friendly Cryptozoic creatures he has to contend with  so he can free his buddy.

Concept design, models, blueprints, animation, rigging

Shane Duncan

Menu, Blueprinting,

Kyle Powers

This is the same concept as above but created as a 2D side scroller in the Unity Engine .

Concept, Art work, C#

Shane Duncan

Menus, C#

Kyle Powers

I recently had a chance to go back to school. In doing so I led a group of students on the final game project.

Oktane! A car vrs arena survival game.

Unreal Proof of Concept

Unity Proof of Concept


Synopsis and Brief Game Play:


Ruination The Card Game is a two player Zombie apocalypse survival card game. With elements of strategic game play and a mix of luck of the draw. Each player picks a side to play, The Human Survivors or the Zombies. In the basic game the humans goal is to hold up in a house and survive the Zombie onslaught (aka the entire zombie deck), while the Zombies goal is to destroy the humans by destroying three rooms of the four room house.  Ruination is a turn based strategic survive at all cost card game. Your choices early on effect the outcome of the game. The humans and the Zombies have cards that upgrade their abilities and cards that modifier how the game is played. Each side has a narrative depending on what cards are played.  Each side has its own goals to achieve to win the game. To extend game play, add narrative, and possibly shortening the game length, there are added end scenarios that can determine the winner. These end scenarios are mainly luck of the draw and but also rely on choices made throughout the game. From the human vantage point you play a single character. Either drawn randomly or picked from the different classes of humans. Each human had a job in the world before it turned into Ruination. Because of those jobs each character has abilities. Their natural ability has no cost while their ability could for instance cause you to exhaust a supply route in order to use it. Everything in the game costs something and not always is it a supply route. The game is played by drawing cards from your draw deck and purchasing the cost of the card from your hand through the use of supply routes for humans and tombstones for zombies. Once the purchased price has been meet the card is placed onto the field of play. Once the cards are on the play field the player then uses the cards to either attack the other player or to protect yourself.

This is Ruination.

 Will you survive the zombie horde or raise an undead army. It’s the apocalypse, end of days and the dead are now undead and staking their claim to this world. Raise a horde and devour the tasty humans in hiding. Or as the humans get ready to lock n load and fortify your position to kick some serious Zombie Ass. In Ruination the end is only the beginning.

Ruination The Card Game is a two player Zombie apocalypse survival card game. With elements of strategic game play combined with a mix of luck of the draw. Each player picks a side to play, The Human Survivors or the Zombies.

Ruination is not intended for the casual gamer. This game is a strategic card game that takes 45 – 60 minutes to play. It is heavily themed in the very popular Zombie Genre that has reached pop culture status in recent yrs. While the theme has reached a broad audience. The intended audience of this game are the medium to hard core gamers between the ages of teen and adult.  Gamers that want more from their investment then a repetitive family game. This being said the idea is to deliver great themed art work and gameplay that draws the player into the world of a zombie apocalypse. With enough strategy and choice along with random luck to give the game hours of replay-ability.

Welcome to the D.O.E. General,


Your assignment is to see that the final ships from earth leave safely before the slaving race, known to us as the Verookuzan and their allied forces, destroy Earth and enslave its inhabitants. By utilizing what’s left of  E.D.N (Earths Defense Network) and its orbital galactic stations, you stand as Earth's last line of defense. As the newly appointed D.O.E.  (Defender of Earth) ,YOU will, outlast this Alien Armada so that our mother ship The Arch can launch. We will be hunted, but our civilization will live to fight another day. Free from these tyrannical beings bent on subjugating the human race.


Defender of Earth is an exciting space themed tower defense game we are

creating here at Monkey Wrench Studio. Our game developers are

working hard to create a one of a kind experience.



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