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Our design philosophy is simple. Communication is king. So we schedule timely updates, verbal and visual, with the help of technology such as Marmoset's Toolbag real time viewer (hosted on our server) or renders of your project and its progression we can also corroborate by utilizing shared screen technology. This way feed back can be gathered quickly and allows us to make timely changes as needed, thus deliver on time and on budget. Our clients are confident on how their model will look in real-time or in their project before delivery.

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Crafting characters is one of our favorite things to do (hi and lo poly) from iterative concepting, to fully flushed out comical or realistic people and creatures. Monkey Wrench Studio can produce original characters or create from your designs. We provide a full cycle character development, starting from sketch to fully textured and rigged models ready for animation or integration into any game style and game engine. We have spent over ten yrs honing our skills in creating 3D characters for games and animations.




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