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Shane Duncan A.K.A. Monkey Wrench Studio inc. specializes in organic and hard surface game assets. With over 15 years of experience Monkey Wrench Studio's founding member can tackle any 3D needs from organic to hard surface. Below is a sample portfolio of high and low polygon models.


Ruination: The Card Game

Video Game:

Pirates Booty

SeaWolf 2

Lambo Untitled Project for Wizard of the Coast


Golden Tee Live - 2005 -2007

OCC Pinball

Silver Strike Bowling

Target Toss Pro

Cow Tipping

Star Trek Voyager


Movie and Music

RoadKill : Short Movie

Cup of my Blood: Motion Picture FX

Coheed Cambria animated music videos for their 4th album release

Album cover for the band Lovehammers


Slot Machines: Gaming

Hitchcock               Tailgate Party

MoneyStorm  Dick Clark's Censored  Bloopers

Deep Pockets

Honey Mooners

Match Game


This is a list of games and other titles Shane Duncan has worked on either as Monkey Wrench Studio or as an employee of another company.


Demo Reel

3d model of a cartoon monkey holding a monkey wrench

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