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Monkey Wrench Studio Inc. has the expertise to tell your story so that the viewer not only understands your message but they are engaged by the content of your story. By utilizing live action, animation or motion graphics, we visually draw the viewer in to what makes you, your product or your brand stand out among your competitors. Bottom line is you have a story and we can help you tell it through video!


Monkey Wrench Studio can handle ALL YOUR production needs from early pre-planning (concepts, story boards, animatics) to day of shooting (directing, talent coaching, camera work, green screen, lighting, make up) followed by post production (color correction, tracking, voice and music overlay, motion graphics, 2D/3D animation). From broadcast commercial , movie short , FX,web video, explainer video, or industrial videos Monkey Wrench Studio has got you covered.


Monkey Wrench Studio's Industrial animation services is a great way to visualize hard to explain concepts or hard to film areas of a companies product, or service . Monkey Wrench Studio has been creating 3D animations for industrial companies for 8 yrs helping them connect to their client base faster and easier then ever before.

3D Animation, 2D animation, Motion graphics, VFX and video game animation

Video Production

 Monkey Wrench Studio's Commercial Video Services: 3D Animation, 3D Characters, 3D visualization, Motion Graphics, Animatics, Voice Over Services,  Video Shoots, Green Screen, Directing, Editing, and VFX

Movie Short: Roadkill the short

Web Videos: Recruiting Factory



MWS: Explainer Video

Motion Graphics:


Industrial Animations

VFX services: Motion Tracking, 3d animation, digital effects, 3D animation, and Color Correction

3D Animation
3d model of a cartoon monkey holding a monkey wrench

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